You don’t need technology, to connect to the trinity,

the line is open and free,

straight to the Father,

straight to the Son,

straight to the Holy Spirit, three in one.

Hope they will give you,

strength in your heart, free forever;

what a gift we can share, to the lost and the lonely and those in despair.

Go out and share the good news

that 24/7 are words to declare,
that someone is always there to care.

Written by Deana Hunt

The Sacrament of Confirmation strengthens the Holy Spirit we received on the day of our Baptism.

Recently, Holy Rood Church, Swindon, was blessed with 132 young adults who were enriched by the special strength of the Holy Spirit (by the sacrament of Confirmation).


To be fully equipped to oppose evil in our daily life, it is necessary for us to be stronger in our faith; connected to the Holy Trinity. And this can be achieved by deepening our baptismal grace. At Confirmation we receive the full outpouring of the Holy Spirit - the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit which in turn are reflected in our daily life through the fruits.

This Holy Spirit, that is received on our Confirmation and again every Pentecost Sunday, unites us more firmly to Christ and so we should never hesitate to call on His Spirit every moment of our life.

Referred: Catechism of the Catholic Church